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The Good Life gameplay trailer shows consequences of your spying

The Good Life isn't just about people turning into pets - it's also about peering into their private lives.

The Good Life is an absolutely unique concept that, sadly, couldn't get the necessary attention during its previous crowdfunding campaign. This time, creator Hidetaka ‘Swery’ Suehiro has turned to Kickstarter and is offering new gameplay videos to promote his vision. The end result should be an absolutely bizarre blend of Animal Crossing and Beyond Good & Evil where your photographs impact the personal lives of those you encounter.

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The Good Life follows Naomi, a New York photographer struggling with financial debt. To solve her troubles, Naomi travels to a peaceful English village to report on ordinary citizens who turn into cats and dogs once the sun goes down.

On top of the animal transformations, Naomi will have a variety of sidequests that involve spying on the local populace. One example, as reported by Polygon, involves the wife of an alcoholic minister. Taking pictures of the minister drinking will benefit his spouse - not to mention reward you with cash - but also lowers the minister's opinion of you. What you decide to do about the private lives of NPCs influences your standing in the town while advancing the over-arching story.

The finished version of The Good Life will be an open-world game supporting a full day-night cycle. It's currently raised about half of its $633,000 Kickstarter goal, with another 18 days to go. You can back it directly until May 4, 2018.

If funded, The Good Life will debut on PC and PlayStation 4 with an estimated launch in November 2019.

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