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God of War will be the biggest exclusive debut on PS4, says analyst

God of War is on track to be one of the biggest launches for a PS4 exclusive, or more specifically, the biggest exclusive debut.

That's according to NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, who has "high confidence" that God of War will be a hit on PS4. That said, God of War is a single-player-only, story-driven game.

Which means the game's replayability doesn't compare with other service-based games, and Piscatella is not sure how far the game can realistically go as far numbers. This generation, the games with the biggest launch sales were Destiny, and The Division, so it's easy to understand where he's coming from.

"Haven't seen a game like this rated this highly in years, so this will set the benchmark," he added.

We'll no doubt learn more about the game's performance in the April NPD, which releases in about a month. NPD doesn't share sales numbers, but it usually offers good insight into game sales. Sony may also reveal hard data if they're favourable.

Fore more on God of War, including our review, before sure to hit the God of War tag.

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