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Night Trap is getting a Nintendo Switch re-release

Night Trap, the gloriously terrible horror game Nintendo said it would never publish, is getting a Switch release.

Night Trap is one of those video games that is so wondrously bad, people will probably never stop talking about it. Sega's 1992 interactive movie was such a disaster that Nintendo senior vice president Howard Lincoln said it would never be published on a Nintendo system.

As you've probably guessed, Night Trap's 25th Anniversary Edition is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Sorry, Howard.

In case you've never played it, Night Trap is an FMV game inspired by horror movies. The player is a police officer tasked with monitoring a security system that watches a home where five people have gone missing. As enemies break into the house and attempt to capture the unsuspecting teenage girls inside, you can activate traps to keep the main characters safe.

Also, one of the teenagers is also a police officer, vampires show up, and ... look, it's a really weird game, okay?

The Switch release was recently confirmed by Limited Run Games, a publisher who specializes in limited edition console releases. Night Trap's Switch version will be the same as the 25th Anniversary Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. When the Anniversary Edition launched last year, it included deleted scenes, a theatrical viewing-only mode, and a "survivor mode" that puts the vampires in random locations around the house.

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