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Radical Heights removes Founder's Pack bonus cash before release

Boss Key Productions has removed a $10,000 cash bonus from the Radical Heights Founder's Pack in response to pay-to-win fears.

Despite being revealed just today, Radical Heights found itself in a minor pay-to-win controversy almost immediately. When it first appeared on Steam, the Battle Royale game's "Founder's Pack" included an immediate $10,000 to the player's offshore account. While offshore accounts are largely intended for cosmetic purchases, it is possible to purchase in-game weapons during a match.

That being said, Boss Key Productions does get some credit for responding to the concerns right away. As reported by IGN, all references to the $10,000 bonus appear to have been removed from Radical Heights' Steam page.

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The issue is also nuanced in that offshore account money isn't readily available to players. Instead of buying weapons in advance, you have to start a match, safely reach an ATM machine, withdrawn the amount of money you need, and make your purchase. At any point in this process, another opponent could sneak up and end the game early.

"Your in-game cash wallet always starts at $0 when you enter the match (for every player)," Boss Key told IGN. “Taking out cash takes time and effort, leaving you vulnerable while you do so. Simply put: this leaves you very vulnerable ... you can get shot in the back!"

The Founders Pack does include a 10% bonus on all cash earned, but Boss Key clarified that this increase is only applied to your offshore account once the match ends.

Radical Heights launches for Steam early access on April 10, 2018.

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