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No MvC3 demo due to schedule reasons, says Capcom's Svensson


Capcom VP Christian Svensson has stated the reason why there won't be a pre-release demo of Marvel vs Capcom 3 is due to development schedule reasons with the game.

But schedule reasons was not the only thing, as he laid out on Capcom Unity in a forums post (via EventHubs).

"First, schedule. If you wanted a demo, you'd have had fewer characters, less polish or some other tradeoff in the full game because the game absolutely had to ship within this fiscal year (business reality)," said Svensson.

"Demos take time to make, test and submit and they aren't cheap which would mean something else would have to be cut or reduced to have time in the schedule and budget to do it.

"Secondly, historically our retail fighting game releases have not had demos and we don't believe that has hurt sales or long term consumer feedback if the experience is good (and in MvC3, it is great)."

He added: "Lastly, we have made the game available to play at literally dozens of events around the world, so sampling opportunities have existed. It doesn't mean everyone who would want to try it has had the opportunity, but I would venture a guess that literally hundreds of thousands have since we announced the title back in April."

So there, that's why. Marvel vs Capcom 3 releases next April for PS3 and 360.

Can we stop writing yet?

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