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Pachter "disappointed" in lack of Call of Duty online sub service


Michael Pachter's told IG he's disappointed" in Activision's decision to not implement a subscription service for Call of Duty's multiplayer.

"We were disappointed to hear Activision's new head of publishing flatly deny the company's plans to charge for multiplayer," the Wedbush Morgan analyst said.

"We firmly believe that until the publishers address monetization of multiplayer, game sales will continue to be challenged by the publishers' altruistic decision to provide significantly more entertainment value per hour than ever in history."

Pachter added: "In our view, monetization of multiplayer is one of the greatest opportunities for the publishers, and we think that it would be a serious strategic error to pass on this opportunity."

Rumours of a Call of Duty online subcription service have been reported since kingdom bloody come. But Activision publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has said it won't charge for COD's online. "Ever".

Pachter is cry.

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