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Rumor: Planetside reboot to be revealed in March


SOE's John Smedley has added more fuel to the Planetside reboot fire today, thanks to recent comments he made regarding the MMOFPS.

Speaking with Escapist, Smedley said SOE has a big game reveal planned for March 2011, alluding that it very well may be the long speculated Planetside reboot.

"It's a big first person shooter franchise that we're really happy with," he said regarding the upcoming game, and saying it "could be" the reboot although Sony "haven't technically announced it."

Smedley goes on to say he may have revealed too much, stating: "This is the farthest I've gone [discussing it with the press] and the PR people are going to shoot me."

Back in October 2009, we'd heard the retooling was called Planetside Next, but Smedley quickly but the boots to that when he said it was only the game's "working title".

Regardless, Smedley is a fan of Planetside, calling it "the coolest god-damned game" and declaring to be "so in love with" it.

Thanks, BigDownload, DSB.

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