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Planetside Arena brings 300-player battles to Steam Early Access in September

Planetside Arena hasn't completely fell off the radar, after all.

Planetside Arena, unveiled last year as a match-based take on the sci-fi shooter's formula, has changed its release date yet again.

Planetside Arena was initially for release in January, got pushed back to March, and yet again to sometime this summer.

The game is now coming September 19, launching in Steam Early Access. Early access wasn't mentioned as part of the initial reveal, and a few other details have changed since then as well.

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At launch, Planetside Arena will feature only two modes, each with support for 300-player matches. Squads mode, which allows for 12 players per squad, and Teams mode, with a limit of only three players per team. Assault, Engineer, and Medic will also be available at launch, alongside an assortment of vehicles.

Notably, the 500-player Massive Clash game mode won't be there at launch, though the intention is for it to arrive down the line alongside new classes, weapons and vehicles.

Daybreak also revealed a content roadmap for what's to come. Later this year, the game will get solo and Sunderdome game modes, new weapons, suit mods, and kick off a holiday event.

Planetside Arena is a premium game, available in $20 and $50 editions.

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