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Watch: the epic final minutes before Planetside closed forever

Planetside has closed after 13 years of inter-factional war. Good night, sweet prince.

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The Planetside servers closed for good on July 1. The three-faction MMOFPS was 13 years old, having opened in May 2003.

Much of the player base had already drained away, cannibalised by 2012's Planetside 2, or fed up with the neglect and disrepair after the development team moved on. Those who held on, or returned for one last hurrah, were privileged to see the long, long battles come to an end at last - in perhaps the only way they could have.

YouTuber Steven Messner captured these last special minutes and shared them in the video above, before moving into a montage of footage from the last day, cut with chatter from after the closure as friends and allies suddenly find themselves without a war to fight.

Daybreak Game Company, formerly Sony Online Entertainment, seems to try its best to give faithful players a good send off. The final ten minutes of Star Wars Galaxies followed a climactic civil war, but were filled with fireworks and celebration.

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