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Dissidia 012, 3rd Birthday confirmed for spring in Europe

dissidia 2

Square Enix has announced spring releases for The 3rd Birthday and Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy in Europe.

The two titles were mentioned in a PSP line-up detailed by the company for the mainland this morning, the other two being Lord of Arcana and Tactics Ogre, the former launching in February.

Early 2011 was already confirmed for Dissidia in Japan, but only just 2011 for here until now.

3rd Birthday was only 2011 in Europe, with a spring release mentioned for the US. The title will release later this month in Japan.

Lord of Arcana will release first, followed by Tactics Ogre and Dissdia 012. 3rd Birthday will go last.

Square Enix also confirmed special editions for Dissidia and 3rd Birthday, details of which will come at at a later period, as will the release dates.

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