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What's next for Final Fantasy 14? A mobile port from Tencent, if a new report is to be believed

The hit MMO with the award winning expansion Heavensward might soon be playable on your phone.

Final Fantasy 14 key art showing a warrior of light on a farm with various vegetables and animals surrounding them.
Image credit: Square Enix

You might soon be able to play Final Fantasy 14 from the palm of your hand, if a recent report is accurate.

Final Fantasy 14 is obviously one of the most popular MMOs around, but it was only this year that the game was released on Xbox. Before that point, it was only available on PC or PlayStation, but with Square Enix now adopting a multiplatform strategy for its big releases, it feels like it's only a matter of time before Final Fantasy 14 comes to other platforms too. According to Exputer, that next platform could be mobile devices, as Square Enix and tech giant Tencent are reportedly working together to produce a mobile version of the popular MMO. There's no specifics as to how far along the project is, just that the two companies are working on it together, but it wouldn't be entirely surprising if a mobile port is in the works.

As noted by Exputer, back in 2018 Square Enix and Tencent signed a letter of intent to "create a strategic alliance" together, and a few years later in 2021 then Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda shared in a financial results Q&A that there "are some projects that are underway" with Tencent, though wouldn't comment on any kind of specifics. A mobile port of Final Fantasy 14 would likely do quite well internationally, as there are plenty of territories where mobile MMOs are plenty popular, so to bring a title with brand recognition like that to phones and tablets could only go well.

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail, the game's latest expansion, launched earlier this month, and for the most part it's gone down well, though there have been some pretty big issues on Xbox. Luckily, Square Enix has already said it's on the case, so you'll be back to playing as normal in no time.

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