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Square Enix would really like it if early access Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail players would hold off on spoiler talk, though it won't do anything to stop it

You can hold off posting your funny tweet, can't you?

If you're planning to play Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail in early access, Square Enix has a small request to make of you.

After a two and half year long gap, Final Fantasy 14's latest expansion Dawntrail is almost in player's hands. The MMO's producer Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida graciously gave everyone an entire week to play Shadow of the Erdtree, but the early access release date for Dawntrail is coming up this Friday, June 28, so if you fit within that intersection of interests you've not got long left.

But it should be noted that this is just for those with the option to play the newest expansion in early access, as the general release is a full week after that on July 5. As part of that gap, Square Enix has put out a little post kindly asking players that do have early access to be careful about sharing spoilers (though it isn't actually going to stop you from doing so).

"During the early access period, there will be no restrictions on what content you can discuss, post, or stream while following the Material Usage License Agreement," the post explains. "However, we ask that early access users please be considerate and do their best to avoid posting spoiler-related content as there are those players who may start at the official launch or play at their own pace." It's a reasonable request, as a full week is quite a long time to have to avoid any kind of spoilers, and it's just polite too, so even if there won't be a punishment, just be a decent person, alright?

If you're worried about how chock-a-block the servers are going to be, Yoshi-P did claim that there's "almost no chance" that Endwalker's server issues will be repeated, but with Dawntrail out in a matter of days, that claim will soon be put to the test.

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