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Wahey, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree's big bad final boss has now been dooted to death using a saxophone

The solo from Baker Street and now this - the world's greatest instrument can't be stopped.

A character in Elden Ring next to streamer DrDecomposing with their saxophone.
Image credit: FromSoftware/DrDecomposing

Warning, spoilers for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree lie ahead.

I'm very glad to report that Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree's big final boss, the one so tough folks have asked Let Me Solo Her to focus their efforts on it, has now been beaten by someone using a saxophone as a controller.

Yep, we've had one-shots, uber-tanks, and dance pads, so the natural progression is someone ruining a DLC boss' day via the medium of soothing jazz, which is exactly what this streamer has done. To be fair, given that they'd already managed to Clarence Clemons their way through the base game - as we discussed with them while asking for some DLC tips back when it was first revealed - this kill was probably inevitable.

Armed with the skills of a musical FromSoft run veteran, streamer DrDeComposing has beaten the uber-tough Promised Consort Radahn while using their trusty electric saxophone to control their Tarnished. In whaty they reckon might be the first alternative controller Shadow of the Erdtree run to reach its conclusion, taking down the boss required a surprisingly low total of just a dozen attempts.

As you can see below, Dr Decomposing was naturally pretty stoked to have downed the boss, immediately erupting into laughter after absorbing one of its final form's infamous meteor attacks - this appartently being the first time they'd encountered one - and delivering the final blow.

After taking some time together themselves following their victory, which happened just over an hour into a live stream over the weekend that ran to nearly five hours, the streamer finally found some words to sum it up. "What?, they said, "I'm shaking, you've got to be kidding me."

Naturally, they then went back to re-watch the kill, asserting that the amount of attempts it'd taken to achieve across two playing sessions was lower than the amount of tries it'd taken them to get past the Scadutree Avatar and Bayle the Dread, with the sheild they were using - we reckon it's the Carian Thrusting Shield at a glance - sounding like it made the big difference in terms of getting past Radahn in such rapid fashion.

If you're battling your own way through Shadow of the Erdtree and need a bit of help just to complete it without having to do so by playing some sweet notes, make sure to check out our huge array of guides that should be able to aid you regardless of what you need a hand with.

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