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We've now reached peak Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree snake boy Messmer's been cha cha slided to death using a dance pad

The streamer even managed to hug a rabbit during the shift between fight phases.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree's Messmer beside someone doing the cha cha slide in Just Dance 2024 Edition.
Image credit: FromSoftware/Ubisoft

Make sure you're sitting down. Ok, here we go. Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree boss Messmer's just been beaten by a streamer on a dance pad. Yep. It was inevitable, and it's just as glorious to watch as you'd hope.

Since you might have forgotten about it as your head's filled up with all the DLC difficulty discourse that's been going on since Shadow of the Erdtree dropped, Elden Ring's got a rich history when it comes to people beating bosses on dance pads. MissMikkaa's probably the creator most famous for it, having beaten the entire base game - including Malenia - while dancing their socks off.

This time, however, Luality is the handle of the streamer delivering a masterclass in attack-dodge shape cutting, having used it to best Messmer the Impaler in a matter of minutes without help from any summons. Seriously, they even found time to hug their pet bunny, named Boo, while waiting for the boss to take on the base serpent form that marks his second phase, later dedicating the kill to the emotional support the furry fella provided during that time.

"All inputs were controlled using the dance pad except attacking and weapon arts, which were done with motion controls," Luality wrote in a very well-earned tweet celebrating their achievement, "This was such a great fight that we only had to use TWO healing flasks!!!"

In terms of build, the streamer had opted to dual-wield blades and inflict blood loss on their Tarnished before heading beyond the fog gate to start the battle, as is pretty much a rite of passage for streamers with loadouts that facilitate this kind of ludicrous thing.

If you're curious to see the full process of downing Messmer via trusty Dance Dance Revolution pad - which, as you can imagine, involved a lot of attempts that ended in victory for the snake bloke - Luality did it as part of a four and a half hour long stream, achieving victory around the one hour 40 minute mark.

This is just the latest in what's been a pretty torrid time for Messmer recently, with him also having been one-shotted by a sniggering streamer the other day. We at VG247 send our best wishes to the poor boss, who's only doing his job.

If you're battling your own way through Shadow of the Erdtree and need a bit of help just to complete it in non-dance based fashion, make sure to check out our huge array of guides that should be able to aid you regardless of what you need a hand with.

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