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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree's big final boss has just been absolutely tanked without dodging or flasks by someone I'm now openly scared of

Even our resident ER experts think this is a pretty nuts thing to have pulled off.

The Tarnished casually growing some spines in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Warning, spoilers for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree lie ahead.

Yep, we literally can't go a day at the moment without someone doing something boss-wise in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion that makes us go 'Ok, you're clearly very good at video games, aren't you?'. This time it's someone utterly bodying the DLC's big final boss by just tanking every blow it dishes out. You know, like you do.

Don't worry, at least this time there are no dance pads involved and the fight is slightly more of a struggle than someone just downing Messmer in one hit. You'll still most likely be sitting there questioning your life after watching it, though.

The player responsible for this kill, which is currently earning them lots of praise from awestruck folks on the Elden Ring subreddit, goes by the handle Recjawjind. "You've all seen 'no hit' runs of the DLC's final boss. Now get ready for the opposite, my rl200 ALL HIT run!" they declared in their post, adding that the kill was done under a strict no dodging, blocking, or flask consumption policy.

Having watched the kill, which you can take in below, I elected to submit it to one of the Elden Ring experts we have here at VG247 towers for some build analysis in the lab, because I was pretty much at a loss as to how Recjawjind's managed to body Promised Consort Radahn quite this dramatically.

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Said expert also thought it was impressive, having used a microscope made of the same stuff as Miquella's egg to ascertain that the player's level 200 Tarnished is using dual-wielded cross nagakibas with bleed infusion, a tonne of consumables, and buff incantations. When in second phase, they switch to a golden braid talisman to negate holy damage. Oh, and as they state in the video's description, they've got 20 scadutree blessings.

The Endure Ash of War is the player's main thing though - you know, the one that raises poise, which negates damage while it's being used. They also just tanked the boss' holy meteor attack, writing that they'd "managed to avoid having to tank it on my 713 runs", but that it "proves the point even better though" in terms of this one being very good, as if that's necessary.

They aren't all about bigging themselves up though, admitting: "Stamina management as always could be a bit better, and I was definitely overzealous with my mind investment, I figured I'd need more blue throughout the fight."

If you're battling your own way through Shadow of the Erdtree and need a bit of help just to complete it without any of the extra caveats being employed by Recjawjind, make sure to check out our huge array of guides that should be able to aid you regardless of what you need a hand with.

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