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The creator of Silent Hill doesn't mind if Slitterhead is his final game, because his "last mission" is to set up young developers' futures

"I don't feel like I'd be unsatisfied even if this was the last game I made."

The creator of Silent Hill, Keiichiro Toyama, and director of the upcoming Slitterhead says he won't be "unsatisfied" even if it's the last game he makes.

It's been quite a while since there's been a new game from Toyama, the lead behind the very first Silent Hill, as well as titles like the Siren and Gravity Rush series. Gravity Rush 2 was the last game the director made, in fact, way back in 2017, and later this year he's set to release Slitterhead, the debut title from his newest studio Bokeh Game Studio. While Toyama has been in the industry for many years now, he's not that old, but it also doesn't mean he's not thinking about his own future as a developer. In an interview with GamesRadar, the developer spoke of his hopes going forward, and what he aims to do in the industry.

"From a personal perspective, I'm going into my mid-50s," Toyama said. "I don't feel like I'd be unsatisfied even if this was the last game I made." It should be noted that he did make it clear that he has no intention to stop making games, but the thing he's thinking about most is how he can set up future game developers for success. "I opened up this studio and we actually have a lot of new staff coming in, younger staff. I'm more concerned about what I can leave behind for them. Obviously I'm not saying this is my last game. But I think my last mission is to leave a path for these younger creators to work on what they want to."

It's a great sentiment to see, particularly because the industry often keeps the same names at the top of the food chain, so hopefully Bokeh Game Studio has the opportunity to allow some younger talent to flourish somewhere down the line.

The studio finally showed off some gameplay footage of Slitterhead at Summer Game Fest last month, and it's looking decidedly horrible (in a good way). Luckily a release date isn't too far away either, as it's currently set to be released on November 8 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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