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Stop what you're doing, a speedrunning dog just won a game of NES baseball by slamming a walk-off home run at SGDQ 2024

Peanut Butter the Shiba Inu just did one of the best baseball things since the Bautista bat flip.

Peanut Butter the speedrunning dog alongside Shohei Ohetani in MLB The Show 2024.
Image credit: SGDQ 2024/Sony Santa Monica

In news that should put a smile on your face no matter how crappy a day you might be having, a Shiba Inu named Peanut Butter has won a game of Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB at this year's edition of Summer Games Done Quick. Not only that, but with help from his owner, the doggo did so in pretty dramatic fashion.

If you're not familiar with Peanut Butter, he's the dog of speedrunner JSR_ and has become pretty well known for playing NES games like Gyromite via a control system that seems him provide the control inputs based on treat incentives provided by his human companion. It's pretty cool.

At this year's SGDQ, PB stepped up to play a bit of the 1994 NES classic Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, with the aim of winning one game as Griffey's Seattle Mariners - thereby accidentally providing a weird side note in the history of baseball's most interesting team.

With the Minnesota Twins in the opposing dugout, the dog endured a tight game, going down by a run early, only to begin a comeback by scoring a tying run in the bottom of the sixth inning (look, you can stop to quickly google the word baseball if you're currently lost and want a better idea of what any of this means), narrowly avoiding a softlock in the process.

Things ended up grinding on into extra innings - baseball games only take nine unless the score is tied once all of that ball has been played. Then, in the bottom of the twelfth inning, with the score tied at three and a runner on second base, PB stepped up to the plate as Ken Griffey Jr himself and did the thing you can see in the clip below.

Yes, that's a home run that ended the game instantly in walk-off fashion, thanks to it brining both Griffey and the stranded runner around to score. 5-3 Mariners, ball game, and a W for the doggo. As you can see again here, everyone watching in attendance rightfully went nuts.

"I am so proud of this dog, man. This is the greatest moment of both of our lives. What a doggo," JSR_ said in a tweet summing up the evening, and he's not wrong, PB totally rocks.

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