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Zenless Zone Zero's first post-release character has been revealed, so start saving those master tapes

Seth is a cat cop, which I'm sure has a portion of the playerbase interested.

Seth reveal imagine in Zenless Zone Zero
Image credit: HoYoVerse

Zenless Zone Zero has announced its first post-launch character: Seth! A member of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team faction, we've yet to see what they can do in-action at the moment. Instead, this reveal has come with a bit of art and a voice actor announcement.

Posted on social media early this morning, the first peek at Seth was splayed across official Zenless Zone Zero accounts en-masse. A white-haired cat boy character - it's the sort of design that HoYoVerse brewed up in a lab in order to appeal to a very specific subset of fans.

As for Seth's voice actor, Nazeeh Tarsha has taken the role for the English version of the game. He's previously worked on projects including Kaiju No. 8, Street Fighter 6, and Genshin Impact. As for the Japanese voice, you've got Kengo Takanashi. He has previously done some stellar work on games like The King of Fighters XV, Scarlet Nexus, and even voiced Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

With his inclusion, Seth will be the second playable character in the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team following Zhu Yuan, who is already playable. This is important, as it opens up the possibility of faction synergy in a squad where both are present. Not only that, but with the future addition of Qingyi - another member of this faction - the full squad isn't too far away either. A much better spot to be in than the Obol Squad, which currently has Soldier 11 as its sole playable representative.

Will you be rolling for Seth? Let us know below!

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