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Love Zenless Zone Zero? Get creative and prove it to the developer, and you could stand to win $3000 in cash

The drip fest is here, giving you an opportunity to showcase your artistic and stylistic skills.

Piper and Lucy pose in their revealing biker outfits against a stylised orange-red background.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Are you creatively minded? Do you have a basic idea of fashion sense, know what colours go together, or know how to properly shade a picture? If so, you might be in for a chance of winning some cash, courtesy of HoYoVerse and the Zenless Zone Zero Drip Fest.

The Drip Fest, an official Zenless Zone Zero fan art contest which kicked off yesterday, allows players of all skill levels to submit creative works for a shot at the top prize. Categories include graffiti, illustration, cosplay, music, or video submissions, all of which have their own individual prizes up for grabs.

Those who take home the top prize will earn themselves $3,000, 10,000 Polychrome (in-game currency used to buy characters and other items), some merchandise, as well as a golden Bangboo statue. While not made of real gold, the lad does have his pants down, so it'll surely be something to display publically for the world to see.

There are also rewards for the runners up, including $1,500, a fridge magnet, and 5,000 Polychrome for those who place 2nd to 8th. Finally, there's the popular vote prize, which provides the top five most popular submissions $500, a pillow, and 3,000 Polychrome. Not a bad haul!

HoYoVerse games have a long history of fan contests of a similar vein, which has nurtured a rich sub-community of artists and creators. It seems with Zenless Zone Zero it'll be no different, with the company urging its 50 million players to put the game down and bust out their creative tools to make something Zenless-related.

Will you be giving this contest a go? Let us know below, as well as what you've got in mind for your submission!

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