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Is Once Human the next Steam survival hit? Close to 100k players suggests it might be

Despite its mixed reviews on Steam, Once Human seems to be popping off after its launch.

Once Human monster
Image credit: Starry Studio

Once Human has finally released, and it's come out with a bang. Not even a day has passed since its launch and the game is nearing 100k concurrent users on Steam despite its mixed review score on the storefront. Could this be the next Steam survival hit? The numbers certainly add merit to that arguement!

According to SteamDB, a website that tracks player counts on, er, Steam, the game has about 75k players buzzing around in it as of writing, with a 24 hour peak of 82,092. It also appears to be picking up traction on Twitch, with an all-time peak for viewership of 155,333. Not bad, for a breakout game without too much pre-launch hype around it.

As for hurdles Once Human has to overcome, the game's current review score on Steam is mixed due to a combination of technical issues, complaints surrounding in-game character unlocks and servers, and privacy concerns. These privacy concerns relate to the mention of potentially asking folks for their government ID, which is included alongside the caveat that it'll be, "as required by applicable laws for age verification and correction of personal information." This concern could very well be an artificial issue - with some picking through the game's terms of service state and finding little to be concerned about. That particular line seems to apply to those living in countries like South Korea where such laws exist, rather than the US or UK.

Assuming the game can overcome those problems through hotfixes or patches, the long-term success of Once Human is a question of momentum and support. Filling down the harsher edges and keeping content coming for keen players. But hey, games have made waves with worse starts, so Once Human is probably a game worth keeping tabs on.

Have you given Once Human a go? Let us know below, as well as any issues you've had with the game since launch!

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