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Modders have unearthed a cut Witcher 3 scene that probably would have made you all hate Yennefer

Don't worry though, it's not canon.

Yennefer is shown clutching her fist beside a raven in The Witcher 3 artwork
Image credit: CD Projekt Red

A cut Witcher 3 scene has been discovered, and it's one that would have seen fan favourite Yennefer betray the Lodge of Sorceresses.

Back in May, CD Projekt Red finally released its REDkit Mod Editor for The Witcher 3, opening up the doors for all sorts of modding capabilities for the nine year old game. It was a welcome tool set for many, and now as reported by PC Gamer, it's helped uncover a cut Witcher 3 scene that details what would have happened to the Lodge of Sorceresses at the end of the game. This isn't something that was really covered in the original game, and it's clearly a scene CD Projekt Red opted noted to progress with, given how it wasn't included in the final result - the scene isn't even finished, but you can check out the video from one of the modders who found it, xLetalis, below (and spoilers for the end of the game ahead, obviously).

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As the game stands, once Geralt beats Eredin, shortly after it's found that Avallac'h took Ciri to the tower on Undvik so that she can beat the White Frost. This always happens, no matter what ending you went for, and it seems that this cut scene with Yennefer would have taken place between Geralt's walloping of Eredin, and the final moment with Ciri at the tower. Those moments wouldn't have changed all that much, but as mentioned it does indicate what might have happened with the Lodge of Sorceresses.

In this alternate version of events, once Geralt had finished up with the boss fight he would have been knocked out for a while, instead waking up in a Nilfgaardian medical tent, a couple of doctors arguing about whether you're going to croak or not - not exactly the ideal way to wake up. He then finds Yennefer, where they realise Ciri is missing, and after this point you'd be able to talk with multiple characters, including Yennefer and Triss, but obviously the scene with the former is the big one here.

To figure out where Ciri is, Geralt and Yennefer head to the other Lodge members, and while some animations are missing for this bit, it seems that she sabotages the ritual so that the other sorceresses, Philippa, Fringilla, and Margarita, get captured by the Nilfgaardians to be later executed. It's a move that surely would have lowered her in many fans' books, but don't worry about it, it's not canon, so you can still ship Geralt and Yennefer.

Modders really have been quickly putting in the work when it comes to The Witcher 3 following the REDkit tools, as less than a day after they were released, a modder made it possible to explore Vizima from the very first Witcher.

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