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The Zenless Zone Zero community is working hard to make Devil May Cry style combos work

While some have bounced off the game citing a lack of depth, others are digging in and finding plenty of sauce.

Corin wields her sawblade as she prepares to enter combat.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero has been out for just under a week, and already we've seen numerous players take to training mode and try out various interesting routes for lush looking combos.

One such player, Midrush on Twitter, posted a video to the social media platform explaining the game's juggle system and the importance of dash-canceling and tagging members of your squad in. The combonation of all three allow for some pretty awesome looking clips. Then you've got players like Zettaslow, who have taken their understanding of characters like Lucy and Anby online to present a rad combo that makes good use of both fighter's kits.

It's clear that there is some sauce in Zenless Zone Zero for those willing to figure it all out, as evident by the budding community of combo-heads flocking to the game and posting their findings on Twitter. This is cool on its own, but the more interesting topic is why others are bouncing off the game while this is present. The answer may be twofold: the effectiveness of simply mashing through much of the game, and characters (as well as the assets they bring to combo potential) being locked behind the gacha.

For the current content in-game, players can absolutely just do basic combo strings and proceed through the content without paying much mind to complicated combat. This is by design - as explained in a recent dev discoussion between the Zenless Zone Zero and Street Fighter 6 teams. While depth may be present it's, well, deep. You have to dive down to find it. Which may present as shallow to those able to have a good time treading water on the surface level.

Then there's the gacha. It's no secret this is how HoYoVerse pays its bills and builds nuclear reactors. But with interesting S-ranked characters locked behind RNG, and with much of a character's development locked behind the Mindscape Cinema (where duplicate copies of a character unlocks new abilities). Perhaps players, unable to truly experience the more exciting charaters, have been unable to see much of the combo potential of Zenless Zone Zero firsthand.

Let us know what you think below!

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