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Bloodborne on PC gets a step closer, but not from PlayStation

It's something!

A hunter from Bloodborne stood on a Victorian-esque street at night, a full moon shining down on them.
Image credit: FromSoftware

You can't play Bloodborne on PC just yet, but some good progress has been made on making it a reality - just not thanks to PlayStation.

Every time there's a new PlayStation State of Play announced, you're pretty much guaranteed to see one particular comment: "Bloodborne on PC?" There are some variations of that, like "Bloodborne remaster/remake?" but there's a huge community of fans of the game that really want it to come to PC. Rumours have swirled for years about such a thing happening, but nothing's materialised thus far, but even the game's director Hidetaka Miyazaki isn't opposed to the idea of it. However, last week, a big step was made to making Bloodborne on PC possible, just not the conventional way.

The Twitter account for shadps4, a PS4 emulator, shared footage of Bloodborne running on PC for the very first time, a big feat for the in-development emulator. Now, to be clear, by running, I don't mean well - it manages to get up to the character creator, but as you can tell in the footage above, everything is a bit messed up. The whole game looks like it's being played on a Nintendo Virtual Boy, and while that's kind of a vibe, it's not exactly the ideal way to play the game. Still, it's one step forward to making the Bloodborne on PC dream real, even if it isn't in the way most people would have expected or hoped it would.

One thing we do know almost for certain, though, is that we're never getting a sequel. Lucky for you, there's an Elden Ring mod that pretty much looks like the next best thing, and it seems to be a great alternative to that DLC everyone's yapping on about currently. If you are playing Shadow of the Erdtree as opposed to this mod, you can also do so in seamless co-op, as the popular mod was recently updated to work with the expansion.

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