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We're never getting a Bloodborne sequel, but this Elden Ring mod looks like the next best thing

The hunt is on.

A still from a Bloodborne themed Elden Ring mod showing the player character pushing open a large set of wooden doors wearing a gothic looking outfit.
Image credit: corvianNoctis/ FromSoftware

Bloodborne 2 is not going to happen, so why not try Graceborne, a great looking Elden Ring mod that seeks to overhaul FromSoftware's latest Soulslike.

Most of you Elden Ring players are probably off having a great (or maybe even terrible) time in Shadow of the Erdtree right now, but there might be a lot of you who, like me, desperately wish that there was more Bloodborne to be had. Unfortunately, almost a decade on, the only expansion to the classic FromSoftware title was its single piece of DLC, The Old Hunters, with no sign of any kind of sequel. There have been rumours about a potential remake, remaster, or even a PC part, but nothing's materialised just yet. Thankfully, we have modders to help pick up the slack when it comes to gothic games filled with Eldritch horrors, and if you want to mix some of those vibes with Elden Ring's world, Graceborne is the mod for you.

Developed by modder corvianNoctis, Graceborne is a Bloodborne inspired overhaul to Elden Ring, which aims to "turn Elden Ring's base game into a more grim and sinister experience through multiple means." This includes the addition of a whole bunch of items, including "22 armour sets, 35 weapons, 17 trick weapons and 5 firearms." Of course, it wouldn't be Bloodborne-like if there wasn't any gun parrying, which has also been added into Elden Ring through this mod, as well as the ability to quickstep when locked on to an enemy. It's also night-time all the time, and there's Bloodborne style healing too.

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To really sell it, there's been a big visual overhaul to a lot of different mobs and bosses to help fit the aesthetic - you can see some of those in action in the trailer above, and it's looking incredibly good so far. CorvianNoctis does note that the mode is still in the early stages of development, and is just in alpha right now, so don't expect everything to be perfect if you choose to check it out.

While you wait for the mod to download, you could also check out a streamer beating the first two bosses of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree using mind control (as if the game wasn't tough enough already).

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