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Good news, seamless co-op Elden Ring lovers: your favourite mod now works with Shadow of the Erdtree

Just don't expect it to run perfectly right off the bat.

Elden Ring screenshot showing three players stood in a row in a colosseum, one of them pointing a flag pole towards other players.
Image credit: FromSoftware/ Bandai Namco

If you've been desperate to play Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree in seamless co-op, I've got great news: the mod has just been updated.

Anyone that's played a modern FromSoftware game knows that its online multiplayer is one part interesting, and in another part a ballache. Elden Ring is no different, but thankfully there is a seamless co-op mod that makes playing online with your friends a whole lot easier. Of course, last week the game's highly anticipated DLC expansion Shadow of the Erdtree dropped, and with that came a new version of the game. Updates normally require mods to also be updated, as they normally won't be compatible otherwise. As spotted by PC Gamer, the seamless co-op mod was updated today, meaning you can now play Shadow of the Erdtree with your friends more easily too.

"While not perfect, it has reached a state where it can be used to play Elden Ring and the DLC in co-op," said Dalvik, a moderator for the seamless co-op mod's Discord server. So, if you do boot it up tonight, don't expect everything to run smoothly, especially considering some of the framerate issues the DLC currently has without any mods in place. The mod's update is a pretty substantial one too, as for one it lets you retain your saves from previous seamless co-op playthroughs. But it also introduces invasions for the first time, so you can have more of that classic only experience and ruin someone else's (or ruin your own) day.

Other convenient additions include the ability to scale enemies' levels, items gained in conversations will now be given to all players, and a few old bugs like enemies falling through the floor shouldn't happen any more either.

If you're worried about what the game's director Hidetaka Miyazaki might think about you playing online this way, don't be! As he recently said he doesn't mind if people play with mods like this (and even might introduce similar features in future games).

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