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Elden Ring's Miyazaki isn't fussed if you use that seamless co-op mod - and FromSoftware might even "consider ideas like that" for future games

Fingers crossed, 'ey?

Elden Ring screenshot showing three players stood in a row in a colosseum, one of them pointing a flag pole towards other players.
Image credit: FromSoftware/ Bandai Namco

A lot of Elden Ring players like to use a seamless co-op mode to help make playing with friends less of a pain, and director Hidetaka Miyazaki says that's ok with him.

To say that playing online with your buds in FromSoftware games isn't the simplest thing in the world is possibly a bit of an understatement. You can't just send a request to your friend and stay playing together without any interruptions (bar internet troubles), instead you need to summon one another with certain items. If one of you dies, you have to do that all over again, so it's not exactly a smooth experience. That's why Elden Ring's seamless co-op mod exists, just to make playing with your friends a little bit easier. And in a recent interview with PC Gamer, Miyazaki was asked about his thoughts on the mod, and that particular way of experiencing the game.

"It's definitely not something we actively oppose or want to downplay, wanting to go through the whole game together," Miyazaki responded. "In terms of where we were with Elden Ring, it was simply a case of wanting that more loose, casual style - drop in, defeat a boss, drop out. It doesn't put any technical restrictions on the player, it just sort of lets them complete this focus and then move on, so to speak." Essentially, if you ask FromSoftware, you're in the clear (though hopefully publisher Bandai Namco doesn't have any intention of getting rid of the mid, given previous actions towards Tekken mods).

Interestingly, though, Miyazaki actually seemed open to introducing similar co-op systems in future games. "That's not to say we won't consider other ways like you and your friend played, from beginning to end, total co-op - that's not to say we won't consider ideas like that with our future games." It's definitely a reassuring sentiment, as while there are interesting lore implications by how co-op currently works in Elden Ring, sometimes it is nice just to be able to hop into something with a friend.

Later this week also finally sees the arrival of Shadow of the Erdtree, and if you aren't sure what you need to do to prepare for the DLC, we've got you covered.

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