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Sony pumps the breaks on Bloodborne Kart, but that doesn't mean it's outright cancelled

Say hello to... well, it doesn't have a name just yet.

Bloodborne Kart header image, showing hunter on bike.
Image credit: Fan Software

The developer of Bloodborne Kart has apparently been contacted by Sony asking to "scrub the branding off," but thankfully the project isn't dead.

From now on, Bloodborne Kart will no longer be known as such, as lead dev on the fan-made project Lilith Walther shared earlier this week that Sony had reached out to her about it. "WHELP. IT HAPPENED [sic]" wrote Walther on Twitter. "Sony contacted me. Long story short I need to scrub the branding off of what was previously known as Bloodborne Kart, which we will do. But that requires a short delay. Don't worry, the game is still coming out! It'll just look slightly different." The fan-game was due out in less than a week, but with a rebrand like this, it'll likely still be a bit until we get to play it now.

It's a little surprising that Sony have only now reached out about the project, given that the project was announced two years ago, and was preceded by a PS1 demake of the main game too.

Walther went on to say that "like I've said in multiple interviews, we were all expecting this to happen so we could be pleasantly surprised if it didn't. It happened, so we're shifting gears (ha) to take care of it. I'll get back to y'all ASAP when we figured out a new release date!! As much as I pushed for this to be "the meme made real" so to speak, turning this into an original game that we have full creative control over is kind of exciting. This is a fan game no more! Regardless, thanks for understanding everyone!!"

For those that are missing out on the joke, the idea of a Bloodborne kart racer is a bit of a meme that's been in the game's fandom for a while now, born (pun not intended) out of a strong desire for a sequel that's never materialised. Our own Connor actually sat down to talk with Walther about the project last year, where she spoke about her reasons behind working on the project, and the resurgence of the PSX aesthetic.

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