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Crunchyroll picks up more seasons of all your anime faves like Fire Force, Dr Stone, Apothecary Diaries and more

You'll have plenty to add to your watchlist.

On the left, key art for Fire Force season 3, showing the back of a person with black fluffy hear wearing a fire-person's jacket. On the right, art from The Apothecary Diaries showing a woman with green hair and purple eyes laying next to someone.
Image credit: David Production/ Toho Animation Studio

If you've been wondering where you'll be able to stream some of the most popular upcoming anime, Crunchyroll has acquired a bevy of series just for you.

It was Anime Expo over the weekend, which featured plenty of big announcements like the US release date for My Hero Academia: You're Next, as well as a brand new Bleach game. Crunchyroll too had plenty of announcements to share, specifically about a whole bunch of sequel seasons of your favourite anime, as well as some new ones. For starters, this October will see the return of the intense football anime Blue Lock with its second season - it even has a trailer to go along with the announcement. Demon Lord, Retry! R will also be arriving the same month, a continuation of the isekai MMO anime.

Following that, in January 2025, Crunchyroll will be streaming Anyway, I'm Falling in Love with You, a series that follows "Mizuha, a high school second-year [who] is having the worst seventeenth birthday ever. She's missing her chance to get close to the older student she admires, and her parents didn't even remember that it's her birthday. Worst of all, there's a new and unknown infectious disease making the rounds, so all her club tournaments and school trips have been canceled."

Later that year, in April 2025, Fire Force will be wrapping with its third and final season as a split-cour, so you'll have to wait a little while longer for this one. A trailer was released for the new season, which doesn't show all that much, but hopefully it will get you excited for the last season. 2025 will continue to be quite a big one, as The Apothecary Diaries season 2 will also stream on Crunchyroll - you can watch the trailer for this one here. Lastly, this one doesn't have a release date just yet, but Dr. Stone Science Future will also be coming to the anime streaming service, though details are slimmer on this one. Safe to say, Crunchyroll will continue to have plenty on offer over the next year.

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