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Zenless Zone Zero soars past $20 million in mobile revenue less than a week since its launch

That's a lot of money! And it doesn't even take into account PC and PS5.

Custom image with Zenless Zone Zero character and stacks of dollar bills
Image credit: VG247

Initial Zenless Zone Zero revenue figures are out, and it looks like HoYoverse' latest gacha release is raking in heaps of cash. According to App Magic - a website that tracks mobile game revenue - the game has made over $25 million not even a week since its launch.

These figures place the game at a similar money-making pace as other HoYoverse titles include Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact. It's also worth noting that this figure doesn't take into account PC or console income, which the game will be benefiting from due to its simultanious release across all platforms.

For reference, Honkai: Star Rail made a whopping £81 million in its first month across PC and mobile, while Genshin Impact brought home a wild $143 million dollars during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic. If Zenless Zone Zero keeps up the momentum, it's likely it can pass the $100 million mark with ease. If you include PC and console income too - figures we don't have access to - it's surely an incredible figure.

The reason why it's making so much money is clear: gacha. This often controversial monetization scheme has players buy in-game currency rather than actual characters or items. With this currency, players can buy rolls on character and W Engine banners, giving them a random chance at snatching their desired fighters. While the game does have a pity system on its regular banners, these only grant you a guaranteed character after 300 rolls, and don't apply to limited banners.

It may also help that the initial limited banner character up for grabs - Ellen Joe - appears quite popular among the community. A shark girl member of the Victoria Housekeeping faction, her trailer is nearing the overall viewcount of Zhongli on YouTube. He is one of Genshin's most popular characters, and has been out for quite some time too. The signs point to Ellen being a big money maker for HoYoVerse.

The combination of Zenless Zone Zero, Genshin Impact, and Honkai: Star Rail all out at once, releasing content in a scheduled manner so that no major events overlap with eachother, points to a consistent and staggering amount of income for the Chinese game development company. If you're curious as to its finalized monthly income, these stats are often released by games analytics company Sensor Tower at the start of every month. It's worth keeping tabs on!

Have you spent money on Zenless Zone Zero? What have you spent it on? Let us know below!

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