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Blade Runner 2099 plot details are still being kept quiet, but its cast is locked in as filming kicks off

They have to tell us what it's about eventually, right?

Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049, stood with a bandage across his face, blood streaming down it, bathed in a purple light looking up at something.
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The upcoming Blade Runner 2049 sequel series Blade Runner 2099 has finalised its cast, and filming has started too.

A couple months back, it was reported that Everything Everywhere All at Once actor Michelle Yeoh would be leading Blade Runner 2099, with Euphoria actress Hunter Schafer being added to the fold a month later. Things have been kept quiet for the Amazon Prime series thus far, but as reported by Variety, the cast appears to have come together. Joining the project are some exciting sounding names, including Dimitri Abold (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes) and Lewis Gribben (Somewhere Boy) as series regulars, alongside Katelyn Rose Downey (The Nun 2), Daniel Rigby (Renegade Nell), Johnny Harris (A Gentleman In Moscow), Amy Lennox (Only Child), Sheila Atim (The Woman King), and Matthew Needham (House of the Dragon).

Plot details really are slim at the moment, though Yeoh is apparently set to play a character called Olwen, reportedly a replicant near the end of her life. The title obviously seems to suggest that it will take place after the Ryan Gosling led Blade Runner 2099, but that's pretty much it. The series has now started filming in Prague though, so I imagine it won't be too long until something more concrete is shared about it, but who knows when that might be. Blade Runner 2099 will also mark the first time that the franchise has received a television adaptation, and will be the first new live-action project in seven years (potentially more if it ends up coming out next year, which is likely).

Last year, Annapurna Interactive also announced that it would be making its first in-house game, which just so happens to be a Blade Runner adaptation, Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth. As you can again guess, it's set between the original Blade Runner and 2049, but once again there's not too many details about the pre-sequel. What's with all the Blade Runner secrecy, ey?

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