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Stellar Blade's jiggle physics haven't hit Steam yet, but The First Descendant has stepped up to fill that slightly sus void

The First Descendant Steam players are very excited about... jiggle physics of one of its characters.

Like it or not, the butt jiggle video game discourse just doesn’t stop. After weeks of all kinds of hot and room temperature takes about the outfits and jiggly physics of Stellar Blade’s lead character, the conversation has now shifted to… the jiggle physics in another Korean-made game.

This time, the topic is The First Descendant, the free-to-play loot shooter from Nexon. The First Descendant servers went live just a couple of hours ago, and it has already become one of Steam’s biggest launches this year with an impressive (and constantly rising) player count.

So far, so normal, but what if I told you that it’s not just the gear grind and shooting that brought players to the game?

Bunny, one of the game’s characters, has dominated the conversation around character design in The First Descendant. In case you couldn’t guess why, it’s all to do with her… let’s just say impractical outfits, not to mention exaggerated bouncy physics.

Steam reviews may be Mixed right now for The First Descendant, but many of the positive ones outright celebrate Bunny’s character design and outfits, with some even comparing it to Stellar Blade’s EVE. “Can't get Sony's butt-jiggle game on Steam so this will do,” wrote one Steam user.

And, as you might expect, ASCI art of Bunny is quite common in the game’s positive reviews, such as this one celebrating Bunny’s package, this one impressed by the rear end, and many more like them.

Outside of all the… asset management discourse, the general vibe around the game appears to be positive. Aside from a miscommunication with the launch/download times, and a host of servers issues that caused some to lose out on content they paid for, it appears most players are enjoying the game’s combat and item grind.

Indeed, deeper issues with balance and RNG could appear over time as players spend more time with The First Descendant, especially once you reach the endgame. We’ll be here to update you, as always.

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