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Worried about Superman leaks? James Gunn says not to: "I'd never shoot a big spoiler outside in the middle of the city"

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Superman (2025) costume cropped
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Some set photos from James Gunn's upcoming Superman film have been going around, but the director says you don't need to worry about spoilers.

If you're excited for the upcoming refresh of the DCU, you've probably already seen some of the set photos that have been shared around of David Corenswet as Superman, giving everyone a better taste of what his costume is going to look like. They really don't show all that much, though the photos have confirmed that he will also have the Superman logo in yellow on his cape, a feature that has been absent from pretty much all live-action outings thus far even though it's something of a staple. The photos also showed off Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, with one video even showing him holding what looks to be dog treats, leading to some theorising that Krypto the Superdog is going to make an appearance (though that could just be something to throw everyone off the scent of what's actually going on).

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These days it's quite rare for a big superhero flick to be filled even partially on location (looking at you, Marvel), so of course this has led to some wondering if the set photos could lead to some kind of big spoiler. When asked by one fan if Gunn had any thoughts on the set leaks, the director simply responded with "Fully expected."

When another fan, seemingly in jest, asked whether the film had been "irrevocably spoiled because of the set leaks," Gunn again plainly said "Not even a little. I'd never shoot a big spoiler outside in the middle of the city." So, there you go: no, Corenswet walking around in the Superman suit isn't a spoiler, you can put down your torches and pitchforks now.

While Gunn's Superman isn't due out until pretty much exactly a year away, on July 11, 2025, Zack Snyder appears to have teased that his Justice League cut will be releasing in theatres for the first time, so there's something to tide you over while you wait at the very least.

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