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The Boys' Antony Starr shares why Homelander just can't stop gulping down so much milk

Got milk?

Homelander in The Boys holding a bottle of breast milk to his mouth with a way-too-aroused expression on his face.
Image credit: Amazon MGM Studios

Homelander might be a terrifying take on Superman, but The Boys character has a deep love for milk that Antony Starr has kindly explained.

Milk fetishes: some people have them. It's a fact of life that everything is somebody's something, and in the world of The Boys, it just happens to be that the world's strongest supe Homelander has one. It's a trait that makes it a bit easier to laugh at Homelander when he's not horrifically murdering people, and brings a bit of levity to an occasionally heavy show. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Starr, the actor that portrays the evil-Superman, touched on how the whole milk thing came to be, as well as how much he wanted to push for it to get weirder.

"So my memory is it came up in the scripts - full credit to the writing team on this, because it was so weird," Starr said. "It started with X-ray visioning my Oedipal mummy figure [Madelyn Stillwell] while she was breastfeeding, and me pining like that and having a jealous relationship with the baby. And then at the start of Season Two, I found some of her… Homelander found some of her breast milk in a freezer and lasers it, starts drinking it, gets caught.

"And it was so funny and weird, and I think I sent Eric [Kripke] an email after that scene going, 'Dude, we gotta get as much milk in this show as possible. This is gonna be like a little motif or a signature thing. Like, we have to do it.' And he was like, 'One step ahead of you, brother. I'm putting it in everything.' And so now every opportunity we get, the milk thing comes out. We don't have to do anything with it, either. If I just look at someone and sip milk, there's a twist to it. It's become a really fun thing. The fans have really glommed on to it. And enjoyed it."

The Boys got an early season 5 renewal back in May, and despite some recent comments from showrunner Eric Kripke, it turns out it will be the final season, so enjoy all those milk jokes while you can.

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