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Harley Quinn spin-off Kite Man: Hell Yeah! gets a streaming release date, and yes, this is a real show, apparently

April Fools was a few months ago, no?

Kite Man is stood behind a bar talking to Darkseid in Kite Man: Hell Yeah!
Image credit: DC/ Warner Bros.

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! is a very real spin-off of Harley Quinn, and Warner Bros has finally locked in a release date for Max.

I would forgive you if you'd missed the fact that the animated Harley Quinn series was getting a spin-off, because I had too. You'd think that maybe it would be about someone we all know and love, like Poison Ivy, The Joke, or hell, maybe even Batman (who'd want an animated series about that guy), but no, instead someone elected to give us… Kite Man? I'll be honest, I didn't know that this was a character that even existed, let alone was in the Harley Quinn series - I know Batman has his fair share of quirky villains like Condiment King, Calendar Man, Polka-Dot Man, but Kite Man? Seriously?

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Well, a new trailer arrived for the series yesterday, the first full trailer since a teaser was released a few months ago, and it brought a Max premiere date with it: July 18, just over a couple of weeks away. The series, unsurprisingly, follows Harley Quinn's comedic tone, once again taking a more parodical approach to its characters. Bane appears to be a series regular at the very least, and there's even an appearance from one of the Justice League's most fearsome foes, Darkseid, though he just seems to be happy to sip on a cocktail made by Kite Man at the bar he owns.

The series does have quite a stacked cast, with Matt Oberg returning as Kite Man, alongside Stephanie Hsu as Golden Glider, James Adomian as Bane, Natasia Demetriou as Malice, Janelle James as Queen of Fables, Jonathan Banks as Noonan, Keith David as Darkseid, Michael Imperioli as Joe/Moe Dubelz, Rory Scovel as Gus the Goon, and Judith Light as Helen Villigan. Notably, the late Lance Reddick will also be appearing posthumously as the one and only Lex Luthor - the Destiny 2 actor unfortunately passed away in 2023.

Harley Quinn is also due to receive a season 5 somewhere down the line, as it was renewed for it last year, but there hasn't been much more shared about the series since then.

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