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Nintendo wants to know who Emio is, and we're assuming until it's stated otherwise that they're just Mario's strangest villain yet

Seriously, who the hell is Emio?

A man in a trench coat and paper bag with a creepy smiling face on it is stood ina dimly lit room, the image is covered in a film grain effect.
Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has teased some kind of new project with the hashtag "Who is Emio?" and all I can say is that I'm deeply uncomfortable.

Hey Nintendo, you ok there buddy? You need someone to check in on you? Because you just put out a weird tweet linking to a video literally just titled Emio that shows grainy footage of a man in a trench coat wearing a paper bag with a smiley face on it. Yeah, that's not normal, buddy. If this all sounds like some kind of funny prank, I'd love to tell you it is, but no, this is really something that Nintendo has just decided to drop on some random Wednesday. The video ends with some Japanese that machine translation suggests it says something along the lines of "smiling man" which I've got to say, doesn't exactly provide either any more context or comfort to this whole situation.

Watch on YouTube

There is a website you can head to too, but you won't find any information there, it's pretty much just the same video as above. Though, I guess you can get a better look at the man in the smiling brown paper bag - it looks like there's a couple different bags that Emio (I'm assuming this is Emio, right?) wears, one with these kind of crescent moon eyes and big smile completely filled in, the other with round eyes and an equally big smile, albeit with teeth. Nintendo isn't exactly known for making games for mature audiences, but the trailer at the very least does have a Mature 17+ rating, so we can probably assume the game will have the same rating.

This is obviously looking like some kind of horror game, so if you don't count Luigi's Mansion (you really shouldn't), this looks to be the first first party title in the genre from Nintendo. I'm sure we'll learn more about Emio soon, but I'm going to be scratching my head in confusion until we learn more.

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