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Rival gacha game sends in-game mail on Zenless Zone Zero release day that subtly takes shots at HoyoVerse’s similar character designs

A cheeky email to players of Alchemy Stars stirs up some delicious genre-wide drama.

Anton, Koleda, and Ben pose against an orange background with their weapons and logo on display.
Image credit: HoYoverse

If you love a bit of cheeky drama between game companies, a little bit of cross-corporate banter, then today is a good day! Alchemy Stars, a popular Level Infinite gacha game, has sent out an in-game mail that subtly points to some interesting comparisons to characters featured in HoYoVerse's Zenless Zone Zero.

On July 4, the release date of Zenless Zone Zero, all players of Alchemy Stars recived an in-game mail written by a character called Tiny One, who states that she was asked to email the player by another character called Sinsa. These two characters are important to this little poke, as they look a little bit like a pair of Zenless Zone Zero characters: Koleda and Anton respectively.

To help convey these percieved similarities, we've included two images created by Reddit user PisangMinyakRebus below, so you can make your own mind up on the matter.

Alchemy Stars and Zenless Zone Zero Anton comparison
Here's Anton and Sinsa, side-by-side... | Image credit: PisangMinyakRebus
Alchemy Stars and Zenless Zone Zero Koleda comparison
...and here's Tiny One and Koleda, side-by-side. | Image credit: PisangMinyakRebus

Is there any merit to jokes about copying designs, or is this just a fun jab? Well, Alchemy Stars released back in 2021, whereas Zenless Zone Zero first revealed its Belobog faction (which both Anton and Koleda are members of) in 2022, so the timelines could fit such suspicions. But, y'know, it's not like these are straight copy and paste jobs. Koleda, for example, is significantly different in character and moveset. Anton is a bit closer sure, but there are clear differences there too.

Ultimately it's up to you! Alchemy Stars players get some free stuff as part of this, as well as a chuckle. Whereas Zenless Zone Zero folks are just vibing, having a good time with their new shiny game. Who doesn't love a bit of banter, especially when it's between video games?

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