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Best Zenless Zone Zero Soukaku Build

Here’s the best Soukaku build in Zenless Zone Zero, so you can’t get the most out of the blue demon.

Soukaku can be seen with her weapon in a Zenless Zone Zero trailer
Image credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero has an array of distinct Agents, all hailing from different factions, with various attributes, and specific roles within a team. And while some of the best Agents - such as the star of ZZZ’s first premium banner, Ellen - are locked behind never-ending Signal Searches, you can get the A Rank demon that is Soukaku for free.

Soukaku is a force to be reckoned with, too. As a support character, she isn’t who you’ll use the most, but she packs a real punch while buffing the damage output of her teammates. Without further ado, here’s our guide to the best Soukaku build in Zenless Zone Zero, so that you can get the most out of the bashful blue demon.

Best Zenless Zone Zero Soukaku Build

Soukaku is a support agent in Zenless Zone Zero, so she’s someone that all in all, you won’t have on the field as much as your DPS necessarily. That said, she’s good fun and hits hard, so make sure you don’t neglect her and her combos!

Speaking of combos, when playing Soukaku, your main goal is to acquire Vortex stacks using her Special attack so that you can then buff Soukaku’s Basic attacks. To do this, you want to use Soukaku’s Special attack three times — acquiring three Vortex stacks by doing so — and then long-press her Special attack. This final attack will imbue Soukaku’s Basic attacks with Ice DMG and boost her ATK.

This buff lasts just under a minute and can stack, and can be passed on to other team members, so by all means repeat the process again. If the opportunity to have an ally assist — or to start a chain attack — comes up while Soukaku is buffed, take it! The following teammate’s Basic attacks will deal additional Ice DMG, until Soukaku’s buff runs out.

This does mean that if you aren’t running Soukaku alongside other Ice characters, her kit doesn’t have as much of an impact.

Best Soukaku Team Compositions and Bangboos

There are a couple of team compositions that Soukaku slots nicely into in Zenless Zone Zero, and these are as follows.

For a premium mono-ice team, the best composition of agents that you can run right now is Ellen, Lycaon, and Soukaku. With this trio, you ideally want to use the S Rank Sharkboo. He’s capable of inflicting further Ice DMG and Anomaly Buildup on foes, and when there are more than two Ice agents in the team, his Chain Attack is capable of even more Anomaly Buildup.

Alternatively, given that this team also has two members from the Victoria Housekeeping faction, you could consider S Rank Butler to help with Energy Regeneration. There’s also F2P option, A Rank Penguinboo, who functions similarly to Sharkboo but with less damage output.

When it comes to F2P teams for Soukaku, she is the only A Rank character from the Hollow Special Ops faction and the only A Rank that dishes out Ice DMG. As a result, it can be difficult to find an F2P team that synergises well with her. If you happen to have lucked out and got either S Rank — Lycaon or Ellen — I recommend pairing these with Soukaku and filling your remaining slot with a DPS or Stun character that you enjoy playing, as well as Sharkboo or Penguinboo.

If you happen to have Ellen, an F2P option including her and Soukaku is Ellen, Anby, and Soukaku with Penguinboo. You could also try out Lycaon, Soukaku, and Corin with Butler, if you instead happen to have Lycaon.

Alternatively, if you don’t have Ellen or Lycaon and want to give Soukaku a whirl either way, try to make sure your other two characters are from the same faction or possess the same attribute, and then equip a Bangboo that will boost their damage-type. Alternatively, I did try running my Soukaku with Koleda and Anby, which is quite the mix, and they performed just fine in story content! A team like this will likely have more trouble during timed challenges.

A team composition for Soukaku - consisting of Ellen, Anby, and Sharkboo - is shown in Zenless Zone Zero
Image credit: VG247/HoYoverse

Best Soukaku W-Engines

Soukaku’s best W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero are as follows:

  • A Rank Bashful Demon - This is Soukaku’s signature W-Engine, making it the best one for her. It increases Ice DMG, and when using EX Special attacks, increases all allies ATK, stacking up to four times.
  • A Rank Kaboom the Cannon - Another solid A Rank for Soukaku, but arguably not as good as the S5 B Ranks W-Engines in this list. After an ally attacks an enemy, all allies ATK increases for 8 seconds, stacking up to four times.
  • B Rank Reverb Mark III - After using a Chain Attack or Ultimate, all allies' ATK is increased. This can be triggered once every 20 seconds.
  • B Rank Reverb Mark II - After using a Chain Attack or EX Special attack, all allies' Anomaly Proficiency and Mastery is increased for 10 seconds. This can be triggered every 20 seconds.
Soukaku's best W-Engine, Bashful Demon, is shown in Zenless Zone Zero
Image credit: VG247/HoYoverse

Best Soukaku Disk Drives and stats

When it comes to Soukaku’s Disk Drives and the stats you want to look out for, you have a couple of options depending on how you want to build them.

Swing Jazz, with Hormone Punk

  • 2 pieces Swing Jazz - increases Energy Regen by 20%.
  • 4 pieces Swing Jazz - using Chain Attack or Ultimate increases all allies DMG by 15% for 12 seconds.
  • 2 pieces Hormone Punk - increases ATK by 10%.

If you want your Soukaku to always have her EX Special attack available, dish out plenty of damage while using it, all while being able to boost the DMG output of allies, this is the best set of Disk Drives to kit her out with.

Woodpecker Electro, with Swing Jazz

  • 2 pieces Woodpecker Electro - increases Crit. Rate by 8%.
  • 4 pieces Woodpecker Electro - Crit. Hits caused by Basic attacks, Special attacks, or Dodge Counters increase Soukaku’s ATK by 9% for 6 seconds.
  • 2 pieces Swing Jazz - increases Energy Regen by 20%.

If you’re solely focusing on buffing the ATK of Soukaku, and not so much her allies, this set of Disk Drives is another option to consider.

Freedom Blues, with Polar Metal

  • 2 pieces Freedom Blues - increases Anomaly Proficiency by 30.
  • 4 pieces Freedom Blues - After hitting an enemy with an EX Special attack, their Anomaly Buildup RES is reduced by 20% for 8 seconds.
  • 2 pieces Polar Metal - increases Ice DMG by 10%.

If you’re running an Ice team, especially one that has Sharkboo or Penguinboo, this set of Disk Drives sees you triggering great amounts of Anomaly Buildup. Thus, dishing out some nice extra damage and debuffing enemies while you’re at it.

Soukaku's best W-Engine and Disk Drive set-up is shown in Zenless Zone Zero
Image credit: VG247/HoYoverse

Soukaku Promotion Materials

To promote Soukaku in Zenless Zone Zero, you’ll need the following promotion materials.

  • Level 10 to 20: 24,000 Denny, 4x Basic Support Certification Seal
  • Level 20 to 30: 56,000 Denny, 12x Advanced Support Certification Seal
  • Level 30 to 40: 120,000 Denny, 20x Advanced Support Certification Seal
  • Level 40 to 50: 200,000 Denny, 10x Ruler Certification Seal

That’s it for our Soukaku build. For more on Zenless Zone Zero, take a look at our Anby build and our Billy build, as well as how to play multiplayer with friends.

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