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The First Descendant players foolishly attempt to change the conversation from jiggle physics to thick armoured dudes

Character discourse in The First Descendant has taken a bit of a turn; from praising the oversized rear ends of characters to admiring their thick armour.

Image credit: Nexon, VG247

It must be a little frustrating to be a player of The First Descendant when it seems like all anyone’s talking about are the game’s well-endowed female characters, their skimpy outfits, and the jiggle physics that are applied to more bodyparts than necessary.

But how could you fight back against that tide? Well, a few players have an idea, and it involves admiring something else about the way characters are designed in the game.

Warning: this article may contain some bare bumcheeks in a video game, reader discretion is advised.

Over on the game’s official subreddit, you can’t go a couple of posts without seeing one thing or another about Bunny, one of the game’s female characters - the same one that’s been generating all that buzz recently for her… oversized package.

There are so many of these posts, in fact, moderators are trying to limit them to dedicated “appreciation” threads, which may not do much to contain all the horny discourse. Since yesterday's launch, the gamer gaze has shifted to other female characters, too, like Gley.

Not content to sit idly by and watch the game get a certain kind of reputation, some have taken to highlighting other aspects of armour and character design. Now, this may just be ironic admiration in an attempt to change the impression people may have of The First Descendant, but plenty are happy to play along.

“No more half naked woman. Time for big Armored Man!” is the title of a very popular thread on the same subreddit, which has been apparently created to bring attention to the exquisite design of the thick armour plating

“Look at that subtle leather accessories. The tasteful thickness of his armor plating,” one comment reads.

Lawd Jesus
byu/Dacomeister3000 inTheFirstDescendant

Not likely to work, though, as even in that same thread, some want Ajax - the character with the thick armour - to have more outfit choices. Perhaps a “maid outfit”, you know, for fairness. Others, however, were more forthright about it. The Ajax discourse specifically strikes a particular chord with players, because the character is voiced by Doug Cockle, who’s mostly known for playing Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series. Geralt, of course, has been the subject of much fan fiction, so it all makes sense.

On a more serious note, The First Descendant continues to be very popular on Steam, having broken its previous concurrent player record, with the most recent being just shy of 230,000. Though player sentiment remains mixed, more of the game’s monetisation issues are starting to rise to the surface, which could ruin that honeymoon period quicker than you’d expect.

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