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Forget Kingdom Hearts 4, Disney’s new 2D pixel art RPG will hopefully fill the Mickey-shaped hole in your heart (even if it is with gacha)

If it's got the mouse, it's close enough.

Three versions of Mickey Mouse, all in a pixel art style, one with a sword, one with a laser gun, one with cool glasses, are fighting some kind of purple monster, a logo for Disney Pixel RPG above them.
Image credit: Disney

With Kingdom Hearts 4 MIA, Disney Pixel RPG, a new mobile gacha game featuring Mickey Mouse and more, is here to tide you over.

It's been over two years since we last heard anything about Kingdom Hearts 4, so the venn diagram of Disney and video game fans are probably feeling quite lacking on that front at the moment. Lucky for you, Disney Pixel RPG has just been announced, a game which pretty much explains itself on the tin, but I'll still give you the run down anyway. Available on mobile devices, Disney Pixel RPG is an "RPG where you go on adventures with pixel art versions of Disney characters" which includes classics like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, as well as others such as Maleficent, Winnie the Pooh, Baymax, Stitch, and more.

According to the game's description on its store page, the story sees "the game worlds that the Disney characters call home" suddenly "invaded by strange programs, resulting in chaos. Previously isolated game worlds have become connected... causing unexpected encounters between characters and throwing them into confusion." I don't know about you, but that's sounding a lot like Kingdom Hearts if you ask me. It's got to be a matter of time before they add in Sora as a banner character, no?

Gameplay doesn't appear to have been explained all that much, but it promises "simple controls even RPG beginners can enjoy" while "more experienced RPG players can delve deeper by strategizing and making use of the Attack, Defend, and Skill commands to seize victory." Stills from the game kind of resemble the Mario & Luigi or Paper Mario series' style of RPG combat, so perhaps that's what you can expect from the game. You can also make your own custom avatar, and send out Disney characters on expeditions where they can gather materials while you're away.

It's a bit unclear when the game is expected to launch, as the website doesn't mention anything about a release date, but the Facebook page does note you can pre-register for the game on the App Store and Google Play Store, with the game planned for release on August 7. However, on the App store it says it's out September 9 - it's possible that it will be out in Japan first, as it's being published by Japanese company GungHo Online Entertainment, but your best bet is probably signing-up so it downloads whenever it does release.

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