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Kingdom Hearts 4? Metal Gear Solid Delta? Geoff Keighley sets the record straight on what won't be appearing at Summer Game Fest

"People are setting themselves up for failure."

Summer Game Fest is set to air later this week, and ahead of that host and organiser Geoff Keighley made it clear what games won't make an appearance.

With E3 now dead, everything falls to Keighley to keep the spirit alive in some shape or form with Summer Game Fest. It's certainly not the video game Christmas we all used to look forward to, and I'm not always a fan of how Keighley presents and handles things, but it's the closest thing we've got to E3 now, and there's normally some big reveals too. Last night the Muppet-loving industry figurehead held a Q&A on The Game Awards' Twitch account, where he spoke about all sorts of industry topics, as well as what people can generally expect from the upcoming Summer Game Fest showcase. And quite notably, he made it clear what games won't be appearing during the event.

As much as I'm sad to hear it, Kingdom Hearts 4 is one such title that supposedly won't be appearing during this week's stream. "People keep asking about Kingdom Hearts, I don’t know why," Keighley said during the livestream. "People are setting themselves up for failure, but you guys can keep hoping." It's been a couple of years since Kingdom Hearts 4 was initially revealed, and it's been pretty much radio silence since then, so that's why myself and other fans are hungry for an update. There is always Sunday's Xbox showcase, though I doubt it.

Keighley also responded to other questions about games appearing, or rather not appearing during Summer Game Fest during the Q&A. Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is apparently another game that won't appear, but this is a title that could crop up at any showcase in all honesty. There's also no plans to show off The Wolf Among Us 2 either, and that Ken Levine's Judas also won't be receiving any updates either. Don't expect anything Five Nights at Freddy's either, though you should apparently expect something from Blumhouse Games, whose film production company obviously made the FNAF movie. And you also shouldn't expect a Nintendo style "one more thing" as he's not a big fan of moves like that at his shows.

If you want to learn more about what to expect during the event, you can watch the full stream above, but thankfully a Resetera user conveniently gave a run down of pretty much everything Keighley spoke about. Summer Game Fest is set to air this Friday, June 7, 10pm BST/ 2pm PT/ 5pm ET.

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