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Monster Ghoul codes for June 2024

Monstrously good freebies.

Artwork for the Roblox game Monster Ghoul showing a huge, powerful looking monster standing in a street that appears to be in Tokyo.
Image credit: @iBlackButterfly
17th June 2024: We added new Monster Ghoul codes.

Monster Ghoul is a Roblox RPG that’s inspired by Tokyo Ghoul. In this game, you’ll get to pick between being a ghoul or a member of the Commision of Counter Ghoul, and from there, you’ll spend the rest of your time fighting off the opposite of what you chose to be. As you fight, you’ll unlock some pretty flashy moves regardless of what side you’re on.

If you’re in need of some bonus currency in Monster Ghoul, you’re in luck — you can use Monster Ghoul codes to stock up on free Yen and RC. Developer @iBlackButterfly typically shares these codes in the game’s Discord server, but we’ve gone ahead and rounded up every current and expired Monster Ghoul code right here so you can get back to fighting.

All working Monster Ghoul codes

  • !Balance: 300k Yen, 300k RC (NEW!)
  • !30mil+visits: 1 million Yen, 500k RC (NEW!)
  • !AmonKagune: 300k Yen, 300k RC (NEW!)
  • !TrainerIsHere: 500k Yen, 100k RC (NEW!)
  • !NewUpdate: 500k Yen, 200k RC (NEW!)
  • !Sub2immjay: 300k Yen, 100k RC
  • !SorryForDelay: 1.3 million Yen, 400k RC
  • !MonsterGhoulBigUpdate: 2 million Yen, 1 million RC
  • !UpdateReleased: 2 million Yen, 500k RC
  • !NewFuruta: 1 million Yen, 600k RC
  • !NewQuinxIsHere: 1 million Yen, 600k RC
  • !DataReset: 1 million Yen, 1 million RC

All expired Monster Ghoul codes

  • !ThxStaffs
  • !250KVists
  • !TakizwaK2
  • !QuinxIsHere
  • !Updates
  • !Release
  • !MonsterGhoul
  • !Beta
  • !100KVisits
  • !250KVisits
  • !1KFavs
  • !11PM
  • !CrabEto
  • !1M+Visits
  • !TakizawaK2
  • !2M+Visits+Hollow
  • !13K+Favs
  • !UTA

How do I redeem codes in Monster Ghoul?

Not sure how to redeem codes in Monster Ghoul? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Launch Monster Ghoul in Roblox.
  2. If you haven’t already, choose a side from the game’s main menu.
  3. Open the game’s chat window by clicking the button in the top left corner of your screen or hitting “/”.
  4. A screenshot of Monster Ghoul in Roblox showing the chat icon.
    Image credit: VG247/@iBlackButterfly
  5. Enter your code in the chat (make sure it starts with an exclamation mark!) and hit enter.

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