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FIFA World codes for March 2024

Fresh FIFA World codes.

4th January, 2024: We checked for new FIFA World codes.

FIFA World is a Roblox game from none other than FIFA themselves. This game allows you to channel your inner athlete by celebrating all things Football with a plethora of mini-games and activities. You can search the world to collect items in a treasure hunt, or you can run around mini-courses to try to hit the goals in as few attempts as possible. You can gain Medals for participating in these activities and for completing quests. These Medals can then be spent at in-game stores for new trails, footballs, and more.

However, you can also use FIFA World codes to get your hands on free Medals and Footballs with half of the effort. The game's developers, FIFA, occasionally release codes to celebrate milestones for the game. We've gathered all of the currently active codes for you in this handy guide, so make sure to check back here regularly to see what's new.

Latest FIFA World Codes

  • FIFAWEEKEND: Freebies
  • Sheroes1: Freebies
  • FreeCodeFriday: Freebies
  • FIFATIME1: Freebies
  • FIFALETSGO: Freebies
  • FIFAMEDALS1: Freebies
  • FIFAFRIDAY: Freebies
  • Fifaworld2023: Freebies
  • WINTERISCOMING: Christmas Present
  • FIFAWORLDCUP: x2 Currency (30 Minutes)
  • FIFA10K: Medals
  • FIFA5000: Jack O' Lantern Football
  • FIFAWorld: 350 Medals

How to redeem FIFA World Codes

You can follow these simple steps to redeem your FIFA World codes:

  1. Launch FIFA World
  2. Once you're in the game, head to the back wall of the stall area where there is a big screen that's showing different football matches.
  3. Face the screen, and you should see a stall to the right of it.
  4. The word "Codes" should be floating above this stall. Head over here, and press the interaction button when you are prompted to.
  5. Enter your code into the text box that appears to claim your reward.

If you successfully redeem a code, your reward will be shown to you and placed in your inventory (if it's a Football or other item). However, if you are rewarded Medals, they will instantly be added to your current Medal count.

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