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Latest RH2 The Journey codes

Hoop dreams.

Roblox characters playing a game of basketball in RH2 The Journey.
Image credit: Roblox, BAX Studio

RH2 The Journey is a Roblox game that's all about basketball. The experience offers an NBA 2K23-style hub city called the Boardwalk which you can explore and meet other players in, as well as loads of customisation options for your budding B-ball star.

You'll create your own character, shoot hoops in the park and when you're ready head on over to the Pro Am arena to play matches against other teams. If you need a hand getting started make sure you redeem some RH2 The Journey codes to help kickstart your basketball career. Codes offer RH Coins, which are needed to buy new cosmetics, as well as other useful freebies like attribute points and resets.

Latest RH2 The Journey codes

  • RH2UPD_ResetToken: Reset Token
  • thanksFor80KFavs_RHC: Rewards
  • happyEaster_rhc: Rewards
  • happyEaster_reset: Rewards
  • SaintPatricksDay_rhc: 5K RHC
  • SaintPatricksDay_reset: Reset Token
  • twitterCode_rhc6: 5K RHC
  • twitterCode_reset6: Reset Token
  • thanksFor30Mil_RHC: 8K RHC
  • thanksFor30Mil_reset: Reset Token
  • thanksFor20Mil: 8K RHC
  • journeyPassBoost: Journey Pass Tokens
  • thanksFor40KMembers: 4K RHC
  • thanksFor60KFavs: 6K RHC
  • happyMLKDay_RHC: Rewards
  • happyMLKDay_ResetToken: Rewards
  • randomRHC: Rewards
  • randomResetToken: Rewards
  • twitterCode_rhc5: Rewards
  • thanksgiving_rhc: Rewards
  • twitterCode_rhc4: Rewards
  • twitterCode_reset4: Rewards
  • SavFree_RHC: Rewards
  • twitterCode_rhc3: Rewards
  • twitterCode_reset3: Rewards
  • backtoschool_RHC: Rewards
  • backtoschool_Reset: Rewards
  • thanksFor18Mil: Rewards
  • freeresetToken_2: Rewards
  • freeRHC_2: Rewards
  • twitterCode_rhc2: Rewards
  • twitterCode_reset2: Rewards
  • happyfriday_RHC_2: Rewards
  • twitterCode_rhc: Rewards
  • twitterCode_reset: Rewards
  • twitterCode7K: Rewards
  • hereIsSomeRHC: Rewards
  • hereIsAResetToken: Rewards
  • happyfriday_RHC: Rewards
  • happyfriday_ResetToken: Rewards
  • w30Kmembers: Rewards
  • thanksFor10Mil_RHC: Rewards
  • thanksFor10Mil_ResetToken: Rewards
  • TY46MIL_Coins: Rewards
  • TY46MIL_Tokens: Rewards
  • TY46MIL_Points: Rewards
  • July4thCOINS: Rewards
  • July4thTOKEN: Rewards
  • July4thPOINTS: Rewards
  • crisisAvertedCoins: Rewards
  • crisisAvertedToken: Rewards
  • ThanksFor5Mil: Rewards
  • dosResetTokens: Rewards
  • thanksFor8Mil_RHC: Rewards
  • thanksFor8Mil_ResetToken: Rewards
  • thanksFor50K: Rewards
  • wRHCfor15kLikes: Rewards
  • freeresetToken: Rewards
  • HappyEasterCoins: Rewards
  • ThanksFor4Mil: Rewards
  • HappyEasterRT: Rewards
  • APRILFOOLSrhc: Rewards
  • APRILFOOLSrt: Rewards
  • TY_3MILVisitsCoins: Rewards
  • TY_3MILVisitsResetToken: Rewards
  • Pre3MILVisitsCoins: Rewards
  • Pre3MILVisitsResetToken: Rewards
  • wRHCfor5k: Rewards
  • THANKYOU41K: Rewards
  • visits200k: Rewards
  • TY_24KFavsCoins: Rewards
  • freeCandy: Rewards
  • ThanksFor2Mil: Rewards
  • HappyMonday10K: Rewards
  • ThankYouForTheSupport: Rewards
  • RH2TheDelay: Rewards
  • Sorry4DelayRHC: Rewards
  • Sorry4DelayResetToken: Rewards
  • Sorry4DelayUpgradePoints: Rewards
  • DAMNREL: Rewards

How to redeem RH2 The Journey codes

Here's how you can redeem codes in RH2 The Journey:

  1. Launch RH2 The Journey in Roblox.
  2. Head to the main menu and look for the 'Twitter Codes' section underneath 'What's New'.
    Arrow pointing at the codes screen in Roblox game RH2 The Journey.
    Image credit: Roblox, BAX Studio
  3. Type a code into the textbox and then press the Enter key.

If the code you entered is valid a green 'REDEEMED' notification will flash up on screen. But if the code is no longer working you'll get an 'INVALID CODE' error instead. Codes for RH2 The Journey are time-sensitive so if you see a promo code you like the look of make sure you act fast.

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