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Unwavering Soul codes

An iconic indie game gets the Roblox treatment.

Image showing a Roblox character about to fight a pixelated enemy in the game Unwavering Soul.
Image credit: Roblox, @YaoYN

Unwavering Soul will give you a distinct feeling of deja vu when you play it for the first time. It's inspired by one of the most celebrated indie games of the past decade, Undertale - which in turn was inspired by the SNES classic Earthbound.

If you've played either of those games, you'll be on familiar ground. Instead of having turn-based combat though, Unwavering Soul is an action RPG where, like a lot of other Roblox games, you'll be doing plenty of clicking to attack enemies. If you're struggling to get started the good news is Unwavering Soul codes are handed out by the game's developer quite regularly. These codes offer a ton of freebies including the in-game currencies Gold and Kromer, as well as free EXP, allowing you to level-up your character quickly, and to easily dispatch enemies early on.

Latest Unwavering Soul codes

  • newsanswinterepic: 1,234 Levels and 123 TP
  • AWESOMEUPDATELOL: 999 Levels and 9,999,999 Gold
  • h1ll0w33n2022: 100 Levels, 1,000,000 Gold and 50 TP
  • 20M100K80K: 200 Levels, 200 TP, 200 Kromer
  • ALOTXP: Tonnes of free XP
  • hotstuff1000: 800 Levels and 200 TP
  • MEGAAAAA!!!: 1000 Levels and 400 Kromer
  • POWEROFNEO: 123 Kromer
  • wownewupdate?: 2,750,000 Gold
  • y3t: Tonnes of XP and 5 Kromer
  • NEWGROUP!: 2,000 Kromer
  • 30k: 30 Levels and 300 Kromer
  • 10M: Free XP
  • crazystuff: Free XP
  • hmmyes: Rewards
  • ITS2023EPIC!!!: Rewards
  • RELEASE: Rewards

How to redeem Unwavering Soul codes

Not sure how to redeem codes in Unwavering Soul? Just follow these steps:

  1. Join the official Roblox group for YN Studio, the studio behind Unwavering Soul.
  2. After you have successfully joined the group launch Unwavering Soul.
  3. Click the Backpack button on the left.
  4. Image taken from Roblox game Unwavering Soul showing the button players need to press to redeem a code.
    Image credit: Roblox, @YaoYN
  5. A new menu will pop up. Use the < or > buttons at the top until you get to the Menu screen.
  6. Here you'll find all your stats and a small textbox with "Code Here".
  7. Enter in a code and then press the redeem button next to it.

If you entered in an active code, then you'll hear a chime and you'll see the stats on your screen get updated. If the code you entered is not working anymore, or has already been used, then you'll hear a deflating buzz sound which means you can't redeem it. Codes for Roblox games tend to be time sensitive so if you see one you like the look of for Unwavering Soul, make sure you redeem it quickly.

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