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Evade codes for July 2024

Nightmare on Blox Street.

An image showing a location in Evade and the game's logo.
Image credit: Roblox, Hexagon Development Community
17th July 2024: We added new Evade codes.

Roblox fans looking to play one of the best horror games on the platform need to check out one standout candidate. Evade throws you into a haunted house-style map and from there, you've basically got to try and survive until the timer runs down to zero, trying your best to not get caught while dealing with game's jump scares and chases.

You'll have to channel your inner Sidney Prescott or Laurie Strode if you want to be among the last players standing. This can be done by hiding out as long as possible or (if you're feeling brave) taking the fight to the game's enemies. Anyone that manages to survive will earn cash which can be used to purchase in-game items along with emotes and other cosmetics. If you're just starting out and need a hand you can also redeem Evade codes to unlock extra freebies.

You can find a list of active Evade codes below. But before you jump into your first game of Evade just be aware that it features flashing lights and jump scares. So if those are things you need to avoid it's best to try out another Roblox game.

Working Evade Codes

  • 222: 222 Tokens (NEW!)
  • 444: 444 Tokens
  • therealdeal: Bird Badge

Expired Evade Codes

  • luckyday
  • HolidayUpdateFixEXP
  • HolidayUpdateFix
  • NewYears2023
  • 1bill
  • Evade1K

How to redeem Evade Codes

Here's how to redeem an active code in Evade:

  1. Launch Evade in Roblox.
  2. Click on the button with the Twitter logo in the bottom left.
  3. The opening menu screen for Roblox game Evade showing the button you need to press to redeem a code highlighted with a white arrow
    Image credit: Roblox, Hexagon Development Community
  4. A screen will then appear which lets you enter a code.
  5. Simply type or paste in the code and hit enter.
  6. If the code is active and redeemable you'll get a notification.
  7. The screen in Roblox game Evade which players use to enter and redeem codes
    Image credit: Roblox, Hexagon Development Community

Did the code you enter not work? Just remember that Evade codes are case sensitive so double check everything's in working order. If you've entered in the code perfectly and it's still not getting redeemed then unfortunately it's expired. Evade codes aren't released often and typically only drop for major landmark moments. So if you see a code you like the look of be sure to act quick.

Besides Evade there are tonnes of other Roblox games out there clamouring for your time and attention. If you're thinking of jumping into another game after finishing your latest Evade session then check out our list of Blox Fruit codes, My Hero Mania codes, Anime Adventures codes, Shindo Life codes, Blade Ball codes, All Star Tower Defense codes, Fruit Battlegrounds codes and DOORS codes.

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