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Sword Fighters Simulator codes

Swords at the ready!

Official Sword Fighters Simulator artwork depicting a large Knight and a Hero holding swords as they battle each other.
Image credit: FullSprint Games, Roblox

Sword Fighters Simulator is the Roblox game where you get to battle enemies, collect weapons, and you can do it all with cute pets at your side. The stronger you are, the easier it becomes to defeat enemies which helps you unlock more weapons to fight even more ferocious battles. As you explore and fight, you will unlock coins which can be used to buy more companions. Pets are more than just cute sidekicks though, they can give you extra in-game boosts and perks too.

From coin boosts for increasing your wealth to power boosts that help to make you stronger, Sword Fighters Simulator codes offer something for everyone. Game developers FullSprint Games periodically release codes and we've listed all of the working ones here for you in this handy guide.

Working Sword Fighters Simulator codes

  • X2POWER305: 2x Power Boost (30 mins)
  • SHUTDOWNX2POWER: 2x Power Boost (30 mins)
  • SKILLSFIX1: 2x Power Boost (30 mins)
  • X2POWERKOREA: 2x Power Boost (30 mins)
  • X2POWER20MIN: 2x Power Boost (15 mins)
  • SORRYSHUT1: 2x Power Boost (15 mins)
  • Ascend: 2x Power Boost (5 mins)
  • BugsSquashed: 2x Power Boost (10 mins)
  • Celestial: Super Luck Boost (10 mins)
  • Christmas: Super Luck Boost (20 mins)
  • COLLECTOR: 2x Coin Boost (10 mins)
  • Eggmaster: Super Luck Boost (15 mins)
  • FeelingLucky: Super Luck Boost (5 mins)
  • GetRich: 2x Coin Boost (10 mins)
  • GODLIKE: 2x Power Boost (10 mins)
  • Holiday: 2x Coin Boost (15 mins)
  • Kolapo: 2x Coin Boost (5 mins)
  • NewYear: 2x Power Boost (10 mins)
  • Oatsz: 2x Coin Boost (5 mins)
  • Secret: Super Luck Boost (10 mins)
  • Sharpen: 2x Damage Boost (10 mins)
  • Spraden: 2x Coin Boost (5 mins)
  • Striker: 2x Damage Boost (10 mins)
  • Strongest: 2x Coin Boost (10 mins)
  • LUCKY100: Super Luck Boost (10 mins)

How to redeem Sword Fighters Simulator codes

To redeem Sword Fighters Sim codes, you need to do the following:

  1. Launch Sword Fighters Simulator
  2. Click on the 'Shop' icon on the left of your screen:
  3. Sword Fighters Simulator, a white arrow is pointing to the shop icon on the left of the screen.
  4. Then, click on the 'Twitter' icon:
  5. Sword Fighters Simulator, a white arrow is pointing at the blue Twitter bird icon to the right of the shop menu.
  6. This will catapult you to a small section that says 'Codes' and that looks like this:
  7. Sword Fighters Simulator, a white arrow is pointing at the 'redeem' button for the code redemption menu.
  8. Click 'Redeem'. Then, type your code into the box that appears on your screen and click 'Enter' to claim your rewards.

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