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Untitled Attack on Titan codes for July 2024

How to redeem codes in Untitled AoT.

Artwork for Untitled Attack on Titan showing Roblox versions of two characters from the popular anime midway through a fierce battle.
Image credit: VG247/Headless and Mid
17th July 2024: We checked for new Untitled Attack on Titan codes.

Untitled Attack on Titan is a Roblox anime game that’s exactly what it sounds like — a game that lets you live out the events of the popular show Attack on Titan. In Untitled Attack on Titan, you’ll grow stronger while protecting your town from powerful Titans in several different modes.

If you want to spruce up your Untitled Attack on Titan experience, you can purchase things like perks, skins, and horses with Gold. However, if you’d rather speed up the Gold-earning process, luckily, you can use Roblox codes to get instant Gold. The team behind Untitled Attack on Titan usually posts these codes on their social accounts and in the game’s Discord Server, but we’ve done all the work right here and compiled this list of Untitled Attack on Titan codes (both new and expired) so you can get back to what’s important: slaying Titans in style.

All working Untitled Attack on Titan codes

  • ODMIMPROVED!: Rewards
  • ThanksForWaiting: Rewards
  • BugFixes: Rewards
  • 330kLikesCode: Rewards
  • 320kLikesCode: Gold

All expired Untitled Attack on Titan codes

  • 340kLikesCode
  • PvPSoon!
  • Update!!!
  • 310kLikesCode
  • PerksRework!
  • Sorry4DelayingTheUPD
  • MerryNewYear
  • UAOT4ever
  • 300kLikesCode
  • 290kLikesCode
  • Forge!
  • EnjoyFireworks!
  • questsFixed!
  • MerryXmazzz
  • Apology4TheBugs!
  • rogueissorryforbug!
  • Unexpected!
  • CurseBroken!
  • SnowyDayzzzz!
  • ThankYou4AnotherYear!
  • SrryForDelay!
  • 40KDiscord!
  • 300KMembers!
  • FollowMidAndHeadlessOnX!
  • ThankYou4Playing2Day!
  • FollowMideviorOnX!
  • 550KFavs2
  • Sorry4Delay2
  • ClansAdded!
  • 285kLikesCode
  • 275kLikesCode
  • 265kLikesCode
  • 260kLikesCode
  • 255kLikesCode
  • BeastUpdate
  • HappyWeekend1
  • 235kLikesCode
  • 210kLikesCode
  • 208kLikesCode
  • Sub2SpaceJambeast
  • Sub2Exoryusei
  • Sub2Wxlk3r
  • Sub2FloatyZone
  • 200kLikesCode
  • 205kLikesCode
  • leP0Lp
  • 215kLikesCode
  • 220kLikesCode
  • MerryChristmas2022
  • DoubleTrouble
  • 100MilVisitsCode
  • HappyNewYears2022
  • TaidaIsToBlame
  • SorryForTheBugs
  • SorryForDelay
  • FixedBossDrops
  • BetterTrees
  • NoMoreLag
  • BugsHaveBeenFixed
  • ThankYou!
  • MiniUpdate1.5!
  • 230kLikesCode
  • Easter2023!
  • UpdateSoon!
  • 240kLikesCode
  • Colossal
  • UpdSoon!
  • 245kLikesCode
  • 250kLikesCode
  • 195kLikesCode
  • 190kLikesCode
  • WavesUpdate
  • 185kLikesCode
  • 180kLikesCode
  • 175kLikesCode
  • 170kLikesCode
  • 165kLikesCode

How do I redeem codes in Untitled Attack on Titan?

Not sure how to redeem codes in Untitled Attack on Titan? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Launch Untitled Attack on Titan in Roblox.
  2. Hit “Play.”
  3. Press “M” to bring up the menu.
  4. Click the “Extras” section of the menu wheel that pops up and then click the “Codes” button.
  5. Arrow pointing at the button players need to press to head towards the codes screen in Untitled Attack on Titan.
    Image credit: VG247/Headless and Mid
  6. Enter your code in the “[Enter Code]” field and press the confirm button above it.

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