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Shadovis RPG codes

Battle, explore, and battle some more.

Explore multiple realms and become the ultimate warrior in the latest Roblox Game, Shadovis RPG. In it you'll explore all six realms, fight a whole mix of foes such as the Dwelling Reavers in the Deepsea Prison, and collect Cubits from all over the realms, all helping you become the best of the best.

If you're lucky, enemies will drop new items as you go, but our Shadovis RPG codes will give you a helping hand on your adventures too - giving out free charms, armor and weapons. These can all be especially useful if you're new to the game. The Shadovis developers release codes alongside updates and often randomly too. We've put all the latest codes and the rewards they'll give you into this handy guide. Codes can be added at any time, so make sure to check back here regularly to see what's new!

Latest Shadovis RPG Codes

  • saveslots: EXP boost
  • twindrake: Twin drake daggers (requires 23 rebirths)
  • minionmaster: Minion master tome (requires 25 rebirths)
  • iloveshadovis: EXP boost
  • overlord: The Great Pour (requires 10 rebirths)
  • bells: 125 Winter's Delight tokens
  • late update enjoyers: +100% EXP (1 hour)
  • freebie: 1,000 Winter's Delight tokens
  • frosted: +100% EXP (1 hour)
  • craft: Ring of Transmutation
  • joindiscord: Leafy Sprig
  • crafting enjoyer: +100% XP (1 Hour)
  • 75000likes: Dusk Blade
  • photon: Photon Ring
  • sleepy: +100% XP (1 Hour)
  • 60000likes: Charged Icedagger
  • 100kfavs: Flying Star
  • void: Magic Star
  • 50000likes: Giant Bo Staff
  • twitter: Fledgling Ringlet
  • million: Wanwood Antlers
  • 7500likes: Gold Ring
  • 15000likes: Party Bazooka
  • 25000likes: Party Hat
  • rockin: Rewards
  • swag: Rewards
  • haunting: Rewards
  • brokenasgame: Rewards
  • breezy: Rewards
  • burning: Rewards
  • 500likes: Rewards
  • falchion: Rewards
  • Million2: Rewards
  • Claws: Rewards

How do I redeem Shadovis RPG Codes?

Once you have found a code that you like, follow these simple steps to redeem your reward:

  1. Launch Shadovis RPG
  2. Click the dollar symbol at the bottom of your screen
  3. A window will open in the game. On the bottom right-hand side of this window, there will be a small text box that says 'Enter Code'
  4. Type or copy your code into this box to redeem it
Roblox Shadovis RPG code redemption menu, a white arrow is pointing at the code redemption text box

If you're successful, your rewards will automatically be sent to your inventory. A little red exclamation mark will appear above your inventory (next to the dollar symbol) to indicate something new has been added.

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