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Animal Race Simulator codes

How to redeem Animal Race Sim codes in Roblox.

The header image of Animal Race in Roblox.
Image credit: Animals Legendary

Animal Race is a Roblox racing game where you’ll play as an adorable animal. As your animal, you’ll click to gain strength, race to get wins, and eventually collect stat-boosting pets and entirely new animals to play as.

Looking to level up your racing game? It can be a bit hard to defeat other animals earlier on as a newcomer to Animal Race, but luckily, you can use Animal Race codes to grab some free Wins as well as valuable boosts that’ll double your Wins and Strength gains. These codes can usually be found in the game’s Discord server, but we’ve gone ahead and rounded up every current and expired Animal Race code right here so you can get back to racing!

All working Animal Race codes

  • Release: 15,000 Wins
  • Update4: 2x Wins (30 minutes), 2x Strength (30 minutes)

All expired Animal Race codes

Animal Race doesn’t currently have any expired codes. If any of the above codes do expire, we’ll be sure to update this page!

How do I redeem codes in Animal Race?

Not sure how to redeem codes in Animal Race? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Launch Animal Race in Roblox.
  2. Click the codes button on the right side of your screen.
  3. A screenshot from Animal Race in Roblox showing the game's codes button.
  4. Enter your code in the field and hit redeem.
  5. A screenshot from Animal Race in Roblox showing the game's codes page.

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