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Yeet a Friend codes

Adios amigo!

Image showing a character being thrown in Roblox game Yeet a Friend.
Image credit: Roblox, Low Effort Studios

Yeet a Friend is a popular Roblox game which is all about throwing your besties as far as possible. The experience shares a lot in common with racing games on the platform. Like those games, there's a never-ending rainbow coloured strip which you need to move along, and you'll need to power up your character to zoom across it.

But instead of racing on this yourself, you'll be throwing one of your Roblox friends as far as possible down it. You can power up your character by collecting stars that litter the game's world, but you'll really need Yeet a Friend codes to increase your throwing power. These codes offer free Energy (the in-game currency) and Pets which offer huge stat buffs. Before you know it, you'll be throwing your friend at lighting fast speeds. Adios!

Working Yeet a Friend codes

  • CHRISTMAS: 10k Stars
  • GIFTING: 5 Wheel Spins
  • Sewer: Mythic Slime Pet
  • Halloween2023: Mythic Slime Pet
  • Reap: 10k Stars
  • Mask: Mythic Slime Pet
  • YeetA250K: Mythic Slime Pet
  • Aztec: 3 Wheel Spins
  • LIBRARY: Mythic Slime Pet
  • MAGIC: x3 Energy Boost
  • AFK: x2 Luck Boost
  • Glacier: 10k Stars
  • Enchanted: 5k Stars
  • Teleporter: 5k Stars
  • EASYEET: Power Boost
  • DimensionBoost: Energy Boost
  • Dimension: Power Boost
  • Summer: Mythic Slime Pet
  • Sunglasses: Mythic Slime Pet
  • PetIndex: Mythic Slime Pet
  • Collector: 10k Stars
  • MoneyUpdate: Mythic Slime Pet
  • StarShopper: 5k Stars
  • NeonPet: x3 Legendary Slime Pet
  • YeetCartoon: Power Boost
  • Nightmares: x2 Legendary Slime Pet
  • FreeStars: 750 Stars
  • FreePower: Power Boost
  • AtomicReward: Atom Pet
  • iLoveYeeting: Legendary Slime Pet

Expired Yeet a Friend codes

  • ALIEN - Energy Boost
  • Yarrr - Power Boost
  • LittleCyborg - Cyborg Pet
  • Rocket - Power Boost
  • ExtraLucky - Luck Boost
  • BiggestGlitch - Glitch Pet
  • Gifting - Luck Boost
  • Easter - Easter Eggy Pet
  • VeryCool5KPet - x1 Angler Pet
  • OneThousandLikes - x400 Energy
  • Atlantis - x1,000 Energy
  • Trading - x1 Spider Pet
  • Release - x400 Energy
  • Yeet - x400 Energy

How to redeem Yeet a Friend codes

Not sure how to redeem a code in Yeet a Friend? Here's how:

  1. Launch Yeet a Friend in Roblox.
  2. Spin your character round so their back is facing where you throw.
  3. On the left next to the big rocket there's a Twitter icon. Head there.
  4. Image showing an arrow pointing at the button players need to press to redeem a code in Roblox experience Yeet a Friend.
    Image credit: Roblox, Low Effort Studios
  5. Step into the blue square near the Twitter logo. A Codes menu will appear.
  6. Enter a code into the textbox and then press the green Redeem button.

If you entered in a valid code you'll get a notification appear on screen letting you know what goodies you've claimed. To exit the Codes menu, just use the directional keys to move your character away.

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